Do’s & Dont’s of Cleaning Marble & Natural Stone Surfaces

Maintenance is probably the biggest fear people have of natural stones. However, natural stone requires about the same level of care and maintenance as any countertop or floor.

The best care you can give your natural stone is preventative care. Preventing stains or scratching before they happen is far easier than getting rid of them after the fact.

The best preventative measure is regular cleaning. The movement of dirt and grit as it is ground into marble tiles can wear away the finish. So the regular use of a dust mop can help keep dirt off the floor and preserve the finish.

Use mats at all entry points to further ensure the long life of your floor’s beautiful finish. Your janitorial staff should wet mop regularly with very hot water, and change the rinse water frequently.

DO use preventative cleaning measures to keep your stone pristine

DO use sealers, applied and reapplied according to manufacturer’s directions DO use preventative cleaning measures to keep your stone pristine

DO blot up spills quickly, especially on marble, and then wash with mild soapy water

DON’T use any kind of acidic cleaner on marble, limestone, or travertine

DON’T be afraid to call for maintenance, care, and cleaning

DON’T worry, if you get a significant stain or scratch anything can be fixed with professional help.

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