• When Gene started his own company (Metro Surface Care), I didn't hesitate but changed from our previous provider. Gene had either performed the work or supervised service at our locations in North Texas for almost 10 years. I attribute the appearance of our carpets and furnishings to his attention to detail and dedication to providing a superior service.
    S.L. Miller
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Workstation Panels

A clean office makes you and your staff feel better about going to work — and makes your clients feel better about visiting. But you may not know that it could promote employee health, environmental safety, fewer lost workdays and higher productivity.

How? Fingerprints, coffee and other stains — as well as environmental pollution — take their toll on new furniture. Not only does it become dull and dingy, it ends up hiding unseen dust and residue that can aggravate colds and allergies. Regular cleaning will maintain the appearance and reduce wear that shortens the life of your investment.